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(Building Sustainable 

Development in People)


D - Dreams

          E - Energize

          S - Strengthen

          T - Tough

          I - Inspired

          N - Nascent

          A - Alacrity

          T Tantamount

          I - Imaginative

​          O - Optimistic

​          N - Nexus

 Destination Overseas To live your dreams


 Destination Overseas :

Destination Overseas is a soft skills development academy in the realm of Personality Development, Leadership Skills, Business Etiquettes, and Sales & Marketing expertise.

Destination Overseas is a pioneering effort of Khushi (MBA in Human resources and Marketing) as well as successful Psychologist. Khushi went through her corporate journey of over 12 years with reputed organizations such as Gulf Asia, Orange, Mahindra, Paras, Tata, Videocon,Reliance & India Property; wherein she acquired vast knowledge and skills in the realm of Personality Development, Business Leadership & Corporate Strategy. She has now been on a mission of building Destination Group comprising of Destination Overseas Academy, & Destination Consulting Services;herein they share their extensive knowledge, skills and global awareness.

The goal of Destination Overseas is to instil a greater sense of potential and increased confidence among those who enroll at Destination Overseas Training Programmes, with the intent of enhancing Business Effectiveness, Personal Power & Branding. We at Destination Overseas believe that Personality can be shaped and confidence can be built into everyone so desires. Destination Overseas has a renowned faculty of committed, top-notch professionals and trainers, who are well versed in all aspects of imparting training, through power point presentations, lectures, videography, role plays, and interactive games and exercises. Team Destination Overseas has rich, varied and highly successful experience.

Our modules for Soft Skills training encompass a vast range of skills ranging from Spoken English, Communication Skills, Body Language, Personality Development, Personal Grooming, Etiquettes & Good Manners, and more. Our training modules enable the participants to gain more self-confidence, higher self-esteem, improving functional efficiency.
Destination overseas started the innovative operations with a goal to solve out difficulties faced in Immigration, Student Visa, Visitor Visa and other categories of Visa applications across countries like New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, USA etc.

We are specialized in Migration and Overseas Education Consulting with a strong foot in Australia. Australia is becoming World’s superior Country in attracting and fascinating international Students because of its beautiful Culture, Good Atmosphere, and Supportive Learning Environment for being Practical, Modern, Advantageous and Desirable.

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